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Leg Up Equestrian Center, Inc

Developing character and confidence through child at a time

10142 Scotts Corners Rd, Diamond, OH 44412 330-802-0241

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"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"

- Winston Churchill

Girl laying on neckThe purpose of this Corporation shall be to provide a stable and safe environment for foster children to fellowship with peers while participating in equine related activities using the horse as a vehicle to develop character and confidence, teach communication skills and life skills, and to build a sense of responsibility and self-esteem in potentially at-risk youth.

Keely getting a leg upLeg Up Equestrian Center is an educational, non-profit program dedicated to improving the emotional and social development of foster children through involvement with horses. At Leg Up, foster children have an opportunity to escape from their challenging circumstances and unique family problems they have experienced, replacing these difficulties with the gentle and trusting companionship of well-trained horses and ponies.

Girl leading horseStudents participate in all aspects of horse care, including grooming, feeding, stable maintenance, and riding horses. Under adult supervision at all times, students are given the opportunity to interact with the animals as well as fellowship with others in a safe, welcoming, and wholesome environment.